"Drawing and art is a part of me, it defines me, its boiled deep within my blood. Its who I am and always will be."


Lashawn Colvin began her art journey at a very young age but, before she found that she was blessed with a tremendous talent, there was another gift she found herself having. Writing! Lashawn's passion for writing and creating stories goes very deep. As a child she drew inspiration to create and write stories from one of her favorite child hood TV shows. Power Rangers. The seed of creating a team of female fighters was planted there.


From there, Lashawn fell in love with another show, which is the number one inspiration for the Beautiful Soldiers series; Sailor Moon! It was because of this show she owes tribute for helping her find her gift of drawing. Lashawn has stated that she used to sit in front of her TV and draw Sailor Moon as a young child. This is when the idea of her creating a female led fighting force took off and followed her into her adult life, where it was fleshed out into the Beautiful Soldiers.


Beautiful Soldiers is Lashawn Colvins life work, the series first started in 2013 under a completely different title called "The 4 Elements" with a totally different story and premise, with the main 4 girls as witches. Fast forward to today Beautiful Soldiers has a huge following, has been featured 3 times

in a nationally distributed magazine HHH, interviewed by podcasts, websites, radio stations, YouTube Channels, showcased at conventions and more.


Lashawn Colvin has stated that her series is what drives her to get up every morning, to create something, so female centric, to show that young girls can be just as powerful IF NOT MORE than men.