"If its too easy, its not worth it. That's a method I apply to anything in life, especially to my dreams. I don't want my empire to come easy, I want to have to work to build it. I want to fail, because that's the only way I will learn...and grow."


Tyrone Jackson has been writing and drawing since he was a little boy in Elementary school. He’s always had a vivid imagination and easily gravitated to cartoons and comics. He also loved writing about horror and science fiction stories. Stephen King has always been an idol to him. In the elementary, Tyrone wrote his first horror story and launched his short story creations from there. In middle school he wrote his first script; another horror story. However, in High School, he began to watch anime more. He realized that he wanted to get into the field of animation and began creating his own universe based around a group of characters; characters that he designed. That was his first taste of world building.


Tyrone went to college to major in art however, he left school to join the military after 9-11. While in the military, he didn’t draw or write as much however, his imagination stayed vivid. Eventually, he got around to writing his first story, based on a character that he created in the MMORPG, City of Heroes. That character, and her twin sister,  became the staple of what would become SoveReign Comics. In 2009, Tyrone decided to return to his dreams and began to heavily create his comic book universe. A universe that he'd allow imagination to reign, as well as diversity.


Tyrone’s first gig in the comic book world was as an inker on Lucid World issue 2. After that, he has helped others with editing their comic books and creating their universes. At the moment, Tyrone is a published inker(Lucid World #2, Orisha EXOS i01), colorist(Orisha Exos i01), cover artist(Orisha EXOS i01) and letter(Orisha EXOS i01). Orisha EXOS is a title from SoveReign Comics and you can expect a lot more; 12 more titles to come.


In 2015 Tyrone came across the path of an incredibly talented artist, Lashawn Colvin. He loved her style and contemplated reaching out to her to be artist for his book S.T.A.R.S. He eventually reached out to her after a post that she made showing her characters of Beautiful Soldiers and since then, they have been friends and have worked with one another.